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Looking for an extra room or bonus room? ArchitectHousePlans.com has this wonderful collection of plans with Bonus Rooms. Besides the typical bedroom, living room, dining room, and family room, most of these plans have an extra room. This room could be considered, but not limited to, a play room for the kids, a library for your teens, an office, a media room, a sewing room or trophy room.

No matter what you decide to make this room, it’s up to the home owner for the outcome. Some of these bonus rooms conveniently have a bathroom or closet nearby. These rooms vary in size, depending on your requirements. These bonus rooms are located either on the upper or lower floors. Having this extra room included into the design of your dream house is so exciting. What are you planning on doing with this bonus room? The possibilities are endless!

Have fun and explore through these model home plans with an extra bonus room. Let your imagination run wild and think outside the box!

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