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2 Garage House Plans

Looking for a 2-Car Garage house plan, ArchitectHousePlans.com has this collection for you to browse through. Including a Two Car Garage as part of your search for your dream house is most beneficial for 2 reasons. It will increase the value of the house, as well as the usability function. These Garages vary is sizes from 20’x20’ and up, the more spacious it is the more room you have to store your cars, boat ,motor cycle, sporting equipment and even a golf cart. Don’t under estimate the space required in your Garage, you will use it. These beautiful homes in this collection vary in style, square footage, one- and two- story, and have difference floor plan layouts. Some of these Garages are designed to face the front, face the interior-side or face the side of the home. Depending on your preference, they also have 1-double wide garage door or 2-single garage doors. Explore this collection and see which will fit your life style “the best”!

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