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Plans by Features

Plans By Features is a great way to browse for some of the following Featured elements. In these House Plans you will find Special Amenities in each of the following categories:

  • Bonus Rooms

    A Bonus Room is designed into these beautiful home plans as an extra amenity for the homeowner. This extra room allows for the Owner to decide his or her desire for the room.

  • Elevator

    An Elevator is a elegant feature that enhances any home. These residential elevators run from the ground floor to the second and if available the third floor.

  • Fireplace

    Having a Fire Place included into the design of your dream home is a warm and welcoming feeling you may desire to have, in any region around the world.

  • Homes with Videos

    These following Homes with Videos will help you see these house plans come to life, by seeing all the details of the exterior of the homes. These Videos are of actual projects.

  • Master Downstairs

    If you prefer to have your Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom downstairs then these plans are for you.

  • Master Upstairs

    If you like your Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom on the Upper floors then you should inquire these following Home Plans that include them on the 2nd or 3rd Floor.

  • Media Room

    These Media Rooms include private rooms for your entertainment pleasure, some of which will include large size TV's, sound systems, movie like seating and minimal windows, to keep the room dark and movie like.

  • Office / Library

    Having a separate room for an Office/Library is convenient, for those who have businesses and need a Home Office, or for those who have kids in school and need an additional space to study, having this extra room will become most beneficial.

  • Pool

    Any home can have a Pool, but these Home Plans have been designed specifically with a Pool, so that the entire home is designed to interact with the accessibility and beautiful outdoor living views of the pool area. If you are looking for Home Plans that include pools, see these Featured Plans.



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