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Home Floor Plans ‘BY STYLE’

Choosing a particular style in a home purchase is a very personal decision. Most consumers are looking for a distinctive appearance to complement their preferences and lifestyle. Floor plans for new homes includes; Contemporary, European, Floridian, Luxury, Mediterranean, Modern, Ranch, Spanish, Traditional and Waterfront. Described below is a brief summary of each style:

  • Contemporary

    A Contemporary home is an exotic departure from the Traditional. This style can include a progressive look, with complete geometric shapes and angles. This homeowner often prefers the Modern look of today’s open and spacious floor plans.

  • European

    A European styled home plan is best described as having an “Old World” feel. This style brings the resemblance of Traditional French or Italian exterior, typically having complex, steep roof lines, bay windows, and arches with beautiful stone or brick craftsmanship.

  • Floridian

    The Floridian style brings the architectural influences from the Mediterranean, with its reddish warm Spanish “S” tiled roof, large windows and grand circular staircase. You will feel the relaxing transformation immediately, when stepping out onto the covered patio overlooking the refreshing pool, a vacation paradise.

  • Luxury

    Luxury homes are custom made for the person who loves only 4 stars amenities. The conveniences of the spa bathrooms, theater rooms, restaurant-style kitchens, wine cellar, and elevators are just a few options where extreme elegance can meet you literally at your front door.

  • Mediterranean

    This Mediterranean style of architecture is characterized by a low pitched tile roof, often red. There are extensive outdoor living areas, arched windows, columns, balconies and a lanai. The space is the symbol of this exotic décor that resembles a trip to a country in Europe. Exterior colors are rich and patterned, borrowing elements from Spain, Italy, Greece and Northern Africa.

  • Modern

    A Modern home embodies the ideals of clean lines, an expansive amount of windows, open floor plans and white-wash surfaces to invoke a simple yet clean look. The dynamic geometric forms create beautiful spaces.

  • Ranch

    A Ranch style home is usually a single story home, with steep roof pitches and beautiful stone work décor. The spacious covered entry/patio offers endless possibilities at owner’s delight.

  • Spanish

    These Spanish style homes offer Spanish Colonial charm,with character and a romantic appeal. This style architecture is characteristic of curves and arches. Tower-like chimneys, which stand on top of stucco exteriors. An ornate tile roof, heavy wooden front doors, large lanterns and detailed wrought iron work will greatly capture your interests.

  • Traditional

    A Traditional style home is specifically made for the conservative buyer. Focused on comfortable living, this home has a warm and familiar feel. Possessing a large kitchen, a parlor, a stone fireplace and a tremendous dining room, this old-fashioned classic invokes the historical style of our old Americana.

  • Waterfront

    Whether lakeside or seaside, Waterfront style homes offer breath taking views. These luxury homes include our most elaborate architectural featured homes. Any of these would compliment the waterfront properties with their impressive presents.



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