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Mediterranean Style House Plans

Mediterranean Revival is a design style incorporating elements from the Spanish and Italian Renaissance, Beaux-Arts, and Venetian Gothic. Its grandeur is appealing to all cultures alike. The Mediterranean is a region in the world with a very rich history. Similarly, a home buyer who purchases this style of property is a person who enjoys coastal atmospheres and is possibly a fighter and an entrepreneur, just as the ancient Phoenicians were.

A Mediterranean home plan may feature terraces, balconies, arches, grand staircases, gardens and many other ornamental details. The roof will tend to be the color red, to resemble the Spanish and Mexican missions. A stucco finish is necessary to protect the exterior surface from rain, sun and other outside elements. The front door is usually large, heavy and wooden. Many times it will contain an intricate artistic design or ornate carving. These homes offer a welcoming cozy elegance as you see their terra-cotta or limestone patterned design and ornamental decorations.

Our collection of Mediterranean Style range from 1,200 square feet up to 11,000 square feet, from 1-story to 3-story this collection from ArchitectHousePlans.com is sure to capture your attention. This magnificent collection has 100’s of plans for you to pick which one will turn into your dream home.

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