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PLAN 4562-9502: We went from an old 1,900 Sq. Ft. house to a 4,500 Sq.Ft. Masterpiece. Our home is now the cornerstone of the neighbourhood and we couldn’t be happier. I EASILY give these House Plans 5 STARS.

– Bob: New Orleans, LA


PLAN 3084-0518: My wife and I are extremely satisfied with our new Mediterranean home away from home. This company was professional, flexible and respectful. Thank you Architect House Plans for being exactly what we needed and more.

– Rosette: Boston, MA


PLAN 2704-9526: I had been looking for my house plan for over a year, but nothing worked as well as the plans on Architect House Plans. Now that I have the house of my dreams it was well worth the wait. My contact there made the process easier than I could have imagined. I took my time finding what was perfect for me and was able to download them directly from the site as soon as I was ready. This is what house plan buying should always be like.

– Shelly: Houston, TX


PLAN 4106-0509: We searched numerous house plans on a wide array of websites but always landed on Architect House Plans because of their elegant designs and unique style. I recommend these house plans to anyone looking to build. The detail put into these plans made this project run smoothly from the start and I look forward to working with them again.

– Brooks: Dagenham, UK

two story house plans

PLAN 6679-0703: Our company has now purchased six house plans through Architect House Plans and we are glad to say that they are undoubtedly endowed with WORLD CLASS designs. Each and every plan has been a SMASH HIT with our clients.

– Quality Homes: Ft. Lauderdale, FL


PLAN 5872-0266: Thank you!!! It was a pleasure working with your staff. And we truly appreciate your professionalism and quick response to all our questions.

– Naif: West Bay Doha, Qatar

Florida home plans

PLAN 1478-9885: I can’t believe buying my home plan was this easy!!! It seems that you’re the only site out there with this INSTANT DOWNLOAD feature. Thank you so much!

– Paul: Fontana, CA

2 story house plans

PLAN 6195-0413: Most websites advertise Mediterranean homes but Architecture House Plans has the best. We had no problem finding the right plan for us and knowing the plan we chose had already been built, is reassuring that we are getting a complete and detailed set of plans. My husband and I are EXTREMELY happy and looking forward to building our new home.

– Patterson: Ontario, Canada

single story luxury home plan Texas

PLAN 1811-9425: Highly saleable plans, great curb appeal, great service, can’t beat the Repeat Fee’s. I will definitely use your plans again on our next project.

– Andoh: Accra, Ghana

“Thank you, to all our valued customers.”

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